Why would you need Iron and Metal Casting?

Iron casting is used very much for a lot of architecture and manufacturing purposes. In late 1770’s people started using iron cast for structural purposes such as making bridges, Buildings and many other things. Casting iron bridges gave a very high pace to industrial revolution in that era. Many railways also use cast iron bridges as they are tough and highly resistant.

Textile mills also use cast iron a lot. The environment inside the mills contain flammable substances due to cotton and wool spinning. Which can cause a lot of damage if flammable substances are used for manufacturing textile mills such as wood. So iron cast is the perfect substitute for the flammable wood for small scale industries.

Cast iron is also used in making the frame and other parts of the machinery. Cast iron was used widely in industrial era for production of machineries at foundries.

Metal casting is very much used to make households useable items such as crockery, tools and other. It is very much cheaper and also of good quality. Metal casting molds the iron as one wishes it. The casting process really made it easy for people to make new products. Metal casting gave initiative to a whole new industry.

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